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Token & P2P Lending App

Azima is a token & Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending app giving you access to small loans of £100 to £2000 from your local community if you experience hardship. Our token will fuel the Azima ecosystem where customers will use and be paid in Azima. We aim to revolutionise the banking sector with our crypto loans by giving customers a means of accessing money from each other, with fair terms bypassing the banks and rewarding our lenders to create an ecosystem based on fairness and trust. The global financial system is on the brink of collapse and if ordinary hard working people are going to survive we are going to have to help each other by creating a cycle of hope and positivity. We are an early stage start up so sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest news and updates.

Short Term Loans

Borrow from £100 to £1000 from a global network of lenders and borrowers


We use the right technology to ensure your safety and security

Low Interest Rates

Borrow money from as little as 12% A.P.R

Communituy Based

Join our global community of lenders and borrowers

Write Bids

Write a bid explaining the reason for your loan and wait for a lender to approve it

Premium Features

Access higher loans and lower interest rates by signing up for a premium account

What is P2P Lending?

P2P lending can be categorized as an alternative financial service. It involves people using their finances to lend to other individuals, therefore cutting out the need for banks to be involved. We will reward lenders with cashback offers from popular retailers and we encourage borrowers to become the lenders of the future when they sort out their finances. Azima is there to help people in financial need by avoiding payday loan companies and escaping the vicious cycle of debt. Azima is a true P2P lending company, we are the people’s bank.



This section will answer some basic questions about our lending app.

£1000. Azima is designed for small, short term emergency borrowing, from 100 to £1000. There may be times you need to borrow a higher amount so we have a premium account which allows you to access loans up to £2000. For loans higher than this we advise you to seek alternative sources such as banks

When you set up your account you will connect your bank details which will need to be verified. The money will be first sent to your escrow account on the Azima app and from there you can send it to yourbank account.

As with normal borrowing do not borrow if you are unable to pay back the amount. Our system is designed to assess your ability to pay back the loan wusing indicators such as your credit score,

salary, monthly outgoings, and expected payments. In the event you fail to pay back a loan on time, you will incur a late payment fee of £12 and have an additional 14 days to pay back the loan.

If you still fail to pay back the loan we will pay your lender for you, taking on the debt ourselves and give you an additional 7 days to pay us back. if you still can’t pay us back we will freeze your account and pass the debt on to debt collectors.

To create a global network of users that can help each other out during times of need and help people avoid payday lenders and banks as an alternative source of funding.

If a borrower fails to pay you back within 14 days, we will pay you for them and take on the debt ourselves.

In order to encourage responsible borrowing, we have a cooling period which is an amount of time that you will NOT be allowed to borrow money for. This is 90 days for standard users and 180 days for premium users. As the amount of money you can borrow for the premium account is double that of the standard account, it makes sense to also double the cooling off period. This is to ensure you are not always borrowing. During this period of time you are expected to lend to other people keeping the cycle of good will going.


Our Partners

Ethical Lending

One of our core values is ‘ethical lending.’ Borrowing money is a normal part of society and you may need extra money for any number of reasons. Our aim is to create a platform for hard working people who need an extra source of cash to borrow money that doesn’t trap them in a vicious cycle of debt like payday loan providers. 








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